What do YOU think citizens?

Pierce County Fire District #18 Board of Commissioners will hold a special meeting on September 16, 2009 at 7 pm at the Multi Purpose Center (202 Washington Ave S). The purpose of the meeting will be to review a presentation from Graham Fire & Rescue for a possible administrative services agreement with Pierce County Fire District #18. The City of Orting Council will also be in attendance.

What is the opinion you want your elected representive from the city council or from the PFD 18 fire commissioners to hear loud and clear from you as a voter?

If you are not a voting citizen in one of these groups, could you please at least identify yourself as ‘out of area opinion’. If you are a firefighter or related to a firefighter could you please identify yourself as ‘FF’.  By doing so, it will help the officials sort out the opinions and comments.



43 years ago last month, the (then) Town of Orting lost one of it’s favorite sons in a far away land no body cared about. William Joseph Hobert, OHS ’65, gave his life for his country in a war that no one cared about. If I am correct, Billy Joe was the only one from Orting that did not return from that place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to name this new stadium in his honor, as a rememberance of him, and the recognition he brought to Orting in his short time on the earth. I think Hobert Field would fit just fine. Lee Pravitz, Class of ’65.


It was with great relief that I read Hansen’s article in Orting News that Pierce East had very graciously bowed out of the bid to take over FD 18 and Orting Valley Fire services. Now that was a class act, and will go far with the voters in gaining those extra votes of confidence it will take for the levy to pass in November. If the commissioners, city and Graham can quickly iron out a workable partnership in Sept. and Oct. I think the funding will be approved because the citizens will feel more confident that they are uppermost in this decisionmaking, not just the politics of the recent difficult situations.

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PFD 18 Levy Failing

Despite the daily TNT newspaper stating several times that the Levy passed by a majority, if they actually looked at the details on the auditors website, they would see it appears to have failed. Yes, it received a huge 68.66% of YES votes, but as of this date only 666 YES votes were returned and in order to have the supermajority required, it needed 758 YES votes with a 60% margin. The vote isn’t official until 9/2, but the count hasn’t changed in days, so it looks like we may be stuck with the unholy 666. Bummer. So I hear it will be on the ballot again in November. Is there any better chance to get the needed number of voters to return the ballots in order for this Emergency Medical Service levy to pass?

Orting’s Dumbest Criminal

I got a chuckle when reading today’s Orting News police report about the person who caught a police officers attention for peeing on the side of the highway and ended up with a felony arrest for an outstanding drug warrant. They could be nominated for the Orting’s Dumbest Criminal award. On a more serious note, it does cause concern to see how frequently people are driving with suspended licenses. Thank you Orting PD for the fine job you do in our community!

Police report article referenced in comment http://www.ortingnews.com/article/community/922/


What a special meeting! The fire fighters union there from far beyond our little area in a show of force, with all their bells and whistles, yet there was still no adequate explanation given as to why no other district was being considered for possible future consolidation. It seems the commissioners are rushing ahead with East Pierce consolidation plans without even asking to hear from citizens what their opinion is of that move. What benefit is there to we the citizens to consolidate? What actual savings are there? If  it’s cheaper to consolidate services, then why did  East Pierce try for $2.25/1,000 after absorbing the neighboring areas? If we are serving properly at $2/1,000, what’s the benefit to us? They weren’t able to get that money out of their citizens…yet….

Read the full article covering the meeting at http://www.ortingnews.com/article/news/909/

Comments to PFD18 Fire Commissioners

Your unanimous decision to not attend our televised, open to the public city council meeting speaks loudly just like your previous actions. It’s a sad day when people that are elected by people expecting open government have to watch a group of commissioners hide from the general public because their legal council was afraid they might say something to incriminate themselves. Just exactly what is it that you, as a group, have to hide from citizens that might be concerned about what is going on with the Fire Department?

Excerpt from article http://www.ortingnews.com/article/comments/898/